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Values We Live By

Sacred Value of Human Life

Life is precious. We believe that for as long as we live, we need to take care of ourselves, our spirit, our physical well being and our relationships with people.

Joy in Service

We are always delighted in extending our hands to people, both our residents and our staff. Being positive about work and service to our residents is our passion. We put a smile to every opportunity.

Respect for Residents

We treat every resident with respect. We understand that each of them are unique individuals with different backgrounds and personalities. We know that by respecting them , we help them keep their dignity as individuals.

Good Stewardship

Our community is a blend of residents, of religious Sisters and staff who have unique needs. We believe that leadership fashioned in Christian values will make our residence a happy place.

Friendship, Partnership and Inclusiveness are Hallmarks of a Great Community

We encourage our residents to foster strong fellowship among themselves. We believe that within our small community we can help them reach out to others and feel good about being part of a lively and social environment